2018 is here at last

In January we continue to import fabrics form Italy on a regular basis. Just last Thursday we received a massive delivery of prints: on cotton, on different sorts of jerseys, on silk, as well as on lycra (especially bright and summery designs) and on acrylic knitted jerseys. Come to us to Głogowska street in Poznan and also to Warsaw – Biezunska street 1.


Autumn and winter are the best

We have a huge selection of fabrics designed, woven and made for: jackets, coats, jumpers, sweaters, winter dresses, shawls, hats and all to defend us from the cold. Wool, acrylic, often mixed with viscosa and polyester. Alpaca and cashmere also occur often. All colours, thick and thin, soft and hard, a myriad of prints. Permanently fresh deliveiries of silk straight from Italian manufacturies. Brocade and sequins in various incarnations. The prices should’t scare. Come to our shops in Cracow, Warsaw, Katowice, Lodz, Poznan and Bydgoszcz.

Plain and printed all

February and March mean, as always, frequent deliveries of most beautiful fabrics from this year’s spring and summer Italian collections. The power of patterns and colors on jacquards, silk chiffon, crepe and silk satin can hardly be translated in our pictures but they give the idea. We also have insane prints on jersey and elastic cotton. Large selection of plain fabrics for dresses, blouses, trousers and jackets in beautiful spring colors. All available in Poznań, Warsaw, Lodz, Bydgoszcz and Katowice.

2017 is here

This week has seen new arrivals in our shops: stright from Italy have come all sorts of silk for the spring/summer season: plain and printed. Also nice light-coloured jersey, lycra, brushed plush, quilted fabrics with fantastic designs, all brand new and trendy. Flowers, ice-cream, crabs and butterflies. Visit us in Poznań, Warsaw, Łódź, Bydgoszcz and our new shop in Katowice!

Soft, shining, shaggy, safe and warm

The autumn-winter season continues. From Italy we regularly import wool, fur, velvet, knitwear, fake leather, silk etc. – various types, colors, patterns. We invite you to our stores and warehouses to see, touch and buy. Let’s make clothes.

Sea of silk

Throughout July we have been importing a lot of silk fabrics: plain and printed, thick and thin. Also silk blends. Over a hundred prints, a huge selection of colurs in plain fabrics: cotton with elastane, batiste, polyester (crepes, fake silk, georgette, shiffon, scuba), viscose jerseys. Please check our picture gallery.

Silky summer

The current news is all about silk. All possible colours of stretch silk satin and many shiffons. All pure silk. A few new designs – pictures should be ready by Monday.

Multiple choice

The first delivery in June is full of surprises. We have various types of fabrics, often quite unusual: lace-jacquard knitwear, cotton embroidery on thick, cotton chanelesque fabrics, soft lycra with imitation leather effect, but there are also classic, non-brushed jerseys in pastel colors, classic jacquards; black, white, and blue soft organza, a couple of fashionable printed fabrics for the summer and for autumn too. A lot of plain, not transparent polyester that feels like silk – for blouses and also thicker ones – for dresses. Plenty to choose from. Come, and be inspired.

Spring and summer can come now

Past two weeks have been marked by a chain of deliveries of fabrics from Italy. We have a big selection of plain and printed jerseys and woven fabrics for all sorts of summer clothes: blouses, jackets, skirts, light trousers, and even bikinis and swimsuits. Amongst the most interesting prints we have: newspapers, bags, butterflies, bicycles and there is a green golf course on one elastic cotton.. As for silk – plain crashed chiffons, organza – white and black – and some sweet patterns on light chiffons. A warm welcome to the spring season.

Some more of frutti di mare

Throughout the current weeks we are having deliveries of all sorts of sea creatures, flowers, butterflies, ribbons, dots, blots, doodles and some proper geometric patterns on the best kinds of fabrics of highest quality that our customers are used to: soft jerseys that don’t wear after several washes, elastic cotton that looks good even taken straight out of the suitcase and poliesters that look and feel like silk.

The strange beauty of jellyfish

The latest March delivery from Italy brought us some beautiful patterns and prints on jersey and cotton. Dancers, acrobats, cats, owls, jellyfish and other aquatic and terrestrial monsters. Pictures tell it all.

Ready, steady, go.

On 10th February 2016 English version of our web page has been born. We will be informing you about new deliveries and all sorts of news regarding our warehouses and shops – and on 19th February we have brought a lot of wonderful new fabrics all the way from Italy. We’ve got embroidered white and cream silk and cotton, elastic cotton in other pastel colours, we’ve got prints on almost everything (jerseys, cotton, polyester) ; also finally light coloured  wool for suits, spring jackets and dresses and many colours of linen.